Sunday, July 23, 2006

Google Rankings

Also noticed that we're at the top of Google's results for "The Visual Dictionary" (not too surprising), and only 2nd for "visual dictionary", which is great news.

3000 and still counting

We've surpassed the 3000 image mark this month, and the dictionary is still steadily growing. Thanks again to everyone who is posting. There are some truly fantastic images being posted, quality and quantity.

I've made a little selection of images I've spotted this month - by no means a complete collection of the images which I'm really impressed with, but certainly a starting point to perhaps inspire you to contribute, or just browse around other author's images.

To move from visual to textual, you might also be interested in a monthly book review with a twist, over a - Books in the Bog. We'd love to head your thoughts for a little light loo reading also.