Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pending Images


I've added a little new functionality this weekend - the ability for you to see your pending images. This has come about for a number of reasons:

1. Many people email me to ask when their images will be moderated, often when their images have already been rejected for various reasons. You can now see how many images you have waiting to be moderated.
2. Often images which are uploaded, didn't upload correctly, or failed. By checking your list of pending images, you can immediately see if the images uploaded okay. If they didn't, you can delete and try again.
3. In case you uploaded something you didn't want to, you can now remove it.

This will eventually also list images which have been rejected, along with the reason (the three most common reasons for rejecting an image are: too thin or narrow, the image is not of a word and file upload errors). Hopefully this will help!

To access your pending images, click Contribute, and once you've logged in, scroll down to see your link to pending images. Or, just click here:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I find the idea of this visual dictionary completely fascinating and I would like to contribute with my own photos. However, it's been 3 days that I have uploaded some photos and they are still pending. If they have been rejected will they be "pending" forever? I would like to know the reasons, if they have been rejected, so that I can send some more suitable ones. :-)

10:03 AM  

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