Friday, August 03, 2007

Ein Foto-Wörterbuch zum schmökern are linking to the visual dictionary today. Despite it saying that its a US site (? erm... where did you get that factoid from), it seems like a good review. Any offers to help me translate better than Google's attempt?

Original: Welt Online
English: Google Translate

In any case, Guten Tag to any German visitors from the site!


Anonymous minorbug said...

Guten Tag to all you other guys :-)
And sorry, my english is to bad to translate the complete article. But, it's of course a very nice review. Webwelt-Surfer is a column with always interesting Websites and the thumbs-up sign below tells you everything about the quality of the review.
Also "Die Welt" paperversion is one of the biggest Newspapers in germany, so be sure for a lot of readers and guests.
It's still fun to be a part of TVD, cheers, Oliver/minorbug

5:05 PM  

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