Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The domino effect of getting a high profile link never ceases to amaze me (despite me explaining it to my clients on a regular basis). Since Die Welt linked to us last week, a bunch of other great sites have also picked up on the site and started linking to us also. Interestingly enough, the earthlink newsletter which went out linking to TVD last month, whilst brought with it around 1000 visits in a day, did not have the same network effect. Perhaps Earthlink's consumers are less likely to be site owners.

We've also been featured on 52projects.com - which is a truly great site which i've admired and been inspired by for a good long time. Thanks to Jeffrey for that link. If you've not seen 52 projects before, take a look right now. They managed to find us via Ali Edwards, who has also been great in sending us a steady stream of traffic over the past year or so.

Also thanks to minorbug for explaining a little more about what the Die Welt article said. Thumbs up indeed!



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