Sunday, July 08, 2007

Spike in Traffic / New User Emails

We had a nice spike of traffic this week, a good 3000 visitors on July 3 - not sure where the traffic came from though - the referring server says, and it seems like its coming from a webmail page. Are you one of these users? Let us know what drove you to the site!

Also, the spike led me to find out there was a problem with new users signing up - emails were not being sent out to provide you with your passwords - sorry about that. Send us an email at feedback [ at ] thevisualdictionary [ dot ] net, and we'll send you your new user email! Alternatively, you can just request a 'forgotten password' mail, and that will send you the welcome mail once again!

Update: After a bit of creative googling, it seems we were featured in the earthlink newsletter.


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