Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sharing your images via the API

I've added the ability for users to opt out of the upcoming API feeds.

As we'll be providing people the ability to pull images directly from our database into their own applications and sites, I wanted to make sure that everyone was happy with their images being used. You can now login to the 'contribute' section, select 'Modify your account settings' and choose for your images not to be included in the APIs.

Your images will still appear on the site of course, but you're able to choose whether your images can be included in someone else's work when the APIs are released. Don't worry, you retain copyright and ownership of the images, regardless of what you choose.

By default, everyone has been set to share their images via the API. You should change this if you're not happy with the standard setting. We'll be emailing everyone soon to make sure you're aware of the new setting.

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