Saturday, June 10, 2006

Search functionality

I've added a search box this weekend - mostly because i've seen several comments on blogs linking to the site saying how it would be great to be able to search for specific words. I'd never really thought about it, as I've always been aware of the ability to just type in

where WORD is the word you're looking for - although i suppose its not that obvious if you're not looking at the URLs when browsing around.

Anyway - you'll now find there is a handy search box on the top right of every page. Try it out. If there is no exact match to the word you're looking for, it will make some suggestions of words which are spelt or sound similar.

Email me if there are any problems, as I've not tested it a huge amount.


Anonymous cfthrifty said...

Is this obvious? One cannot use the concept of where WORD is the word you're looking for, if the word one is looking for is BLOG. Although, there is no entry currently for BLOG (the word), what will happen when an image of the word BLOG is added?

11:34 AM  
Blogger webponce said...

fair point, but typing /blog will actually take you to the blog images when someone posts an image for that.

typing /blog/ (note the trailing slash) will also take you to the blog.

i'll stick a link on the blog images page to the actual blog if anyone posts "blog" as a word

4:03 PM  

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