Monday, April 03, 2006

one onethousand, two onethousand

By a staggering post of a bunch of images from his recent trip to HK, nh has helped us finally hit the 1000 word mark in TVD. Thanks nh. I'll buy you a beer.

A second watershed has also been passed, that of me being knocked off the top slot in the most contributing posters list. Also, by nh. You owe me a beer.

As a result, the 1000 word mark is the line I had mentally being waiting for before starting work on anything actually using the contents of the dictionary. Watch this space... and please, if you have any ideas of usage, or want to be the first to know when I release the public API - do comment here, or drop me a line.

nb. actually, there aren't 1000 words in the dictionary... as we're including locations, names, numbers etc... but awwww. don't got ruining my fun! i'm keeping an eye on the real word count, and i'll let you know once i've added in the filtering ;)


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