Tuesday, March 07, 2006

new rule

I've had a lot of comments about heavily cropped images.
In a nutshell, people feel that heavily cropped images, ie. where you just get a tiny strip showing a word, isn't in the best interest of TVD - someone said "i might as well just open the the dictionary and start at page 1 with my camera" - which I suppose is justified.

As a result, and I apologise to anyone who has posted heavily cropped images, i've removed them. I suppose if you think about the longer term goals, being able to create nice imagery with the photographs, something more 'square' or 4:3/16:9 ratio makes sense.

I've also given moderation rights to some of the users on the site - and they're being more ruthless than I am ;)

I'd appreciate your comments on this if you have any thoughts - apologies to new posters who've posted quite a few cropped images, but if its less than half width/height of the recommended size (640x480), its unlikely to be accepted.


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