Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Exclusions / Foreign Words


I've started work in earnest on creating 'exclusions' in TVD this week.
Exclusions are explained in more detail here, but in a nutshell, they're images which I'd like to include in the dictionary, but aren't in the OED - and remember kids, that's the rule.

Its fair to say i've broken then rule several times already with allowing content which isn't in the OED. Locations aren't. Numerics aren't. Company names certainly aren't. Equally, Italian, Hawaiian or Filipino words wouldn't be in the Oxford English Dictionary. So, exclusions are tags against words which you'll eventually be able to filter upon.

The purists of you will be able to see nothing but OED worthy words. Those of you who are just out for a quick word-pix-fix, you'll be catered for too.

More importantly, this is the start of the work to allow multiple languages within the dictionary. Its a little more involved than just setting a language flag for a word, what do you do for restaurant, cafe and other non-food related words? But I'll cross that bridge when required.

I've also added a few pointers on the Contribute page with regards to what is accepted and what isn't. We're still getting a fair few images of multiple words, sentences, etc. which, I'm afraid, can't go in. We'd just be flickr otherwise.

I hope you understand if I don't accept your perfectly lovely image, but if it doesn't fit the golden rule:

a photographic image of a single word which would be found in the OED

its probably not going in.


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