Friday, March 03, 2006

clouds and stuff

I've added a little extra functionality.

First of all is the word cloud. You can see this by going to AZ and then clicking on 'as cloud'. This is the complete list of words in the dictionary with images, and arranged in such a way that the more 'popular' words are larger. Popularity is how many images that word has, not how many people think the word is nice. The algorithm behind this isn't correct - but it'll do for now. I've got one of my more math-knowledgeble type friends on the case. I got confused when he said Natural Log, thinking he was discussing trees (you wouln't know I did A-Level Maths, would you?)

Secondly, is the ability to move through images in chronological order. Try clicking on any image and you'll see the prev/next buttons. These will take you to the image posted immediatly before or after the current one you're viewing, depending on which you click. You'll get the basic idea. Play around and let me know. There is also a 'random' button if you get bored of going forward and backward in time.

I'm hoping to work on the user profiles functionality this week - so we get more of an idea of who is posting.


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