Saturday, October 29, 2005

First Post!

Well, its safe to say that another project has kicked off in the stable of work. I have no idea why I keep making work for myself like this.. I think its to put off doing real work, but it keeps me off the streets to say the least.

The Visual Dictionary is an idea i've been kicking around for a while now. I'm sure it may well exist online somewhere, but i've not been able to find anything similar. The idea is that we build a database (think flickr) of words, and attach photographs containing that word, for instance:


Simple concept. Nothing more complex than that.
As content is king, as long as we store the content in a half decent fashion, once there is a large enough body of content, you should be able to do some nice things with it, although at the root of it, it'll just be nice looking!

Hopefully, we'll find some great shots of typography, signage, graffiti, number plates, tattoos, who knows? I'll create a single blog post to attach generic feedback to, and also use the blog to keep you updated with info on development progress. Don't expect any rapid development though, you know the score with personal projects. Long and slow burners ;)


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