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878 by unclephil

"From a courtyard off C. Hospital, Barcelona. The distressing is what attracted me. Photographed in 2010."
Submitted on 2010-03-14 05:24:04


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volcano says:
Are you sure this is in a dictionairy? xD xD BTW: YOU SUCK. "This is not English." "Nice try." "I don't like your mother." This is not a way to find friends. I don't live in England / USA / Oz / ...., do I have to excuse me for that? Is it THAT what you want? I think this is *what CC is for*. Piss of, unclephil. A propos: It doesn't look like your "err" is a discrete word. Why are you allowed to do so and I am not? Could you please explain this to me?
volcano says:
Forget what I said, I was enraged.

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